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Head of Maintenance at PolyComp Achieved a Very Credible Top-Three Position in the Competition

Awarding Excellent Ideas

The Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for raw materials and the chemical industry (BG RCI) sponsored a prize at the most highly acclaimed Safety at Work Awards in Germany.

This year, the 17th “safety at work Oscar” was awarded to an applicant after consideration was given to the 764 men and women from 346 different companies who participated. Sponsors’ special prizes were awarded to 58 of these companies in recognition of their creative approach and for the special feature award. The prize is presented to the most innovative minds within the business.

The “Oscar” was awarded to our Jens Lorenz, Head of Maintenance at PolyComp. He achieved a very credible top three position in the Hamburg competition with his device for telescopic octabins. His concept was ranked among the top six in the nationwide competition within the “chemical industry” sector.