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Modernisation Measures

Toll Manufacturer Invests in Future

Throughout 2014, PolyComp, the specialist in toll and licence manufacturing, has carried out a number of modernisation measures. Alongside technical aspects, these measures have focused primarily on energy efficiency.

To meet growing customer demands, several pieces of equipment have been updated in the laboratory area at PolyComp. A modern tensile test machine with a modified Xforce sensor and network connection for data recording will ensure that the strict test requirements of customers will be better met in the future. Xforce lead cells are ideal for tensile and compression tests, so that the type of measurement can be chosen individually. An additional splinter guard to protect employees during testing from injury due to splintering material means additional added value in terms of work safety.

The new injection moulding machine with a significantly higher closing force of 500 kN now makes it possible to mould a broader range of plastic, which can then be subjected to the prescribed tests. With the new impact pendulum for conducting impact-bend tests, Charpy tests can now be carried out in addition to the previous Izod method.

“This allows us to close a gap for our customers, which also provides benefits for us in sample preparation expenses, such that the test samples can be produced in an injection moulding proccess”

Olaf Fischer, Lab Director at PolyComp

Both units are housed in a newly created, separately air-conditioned room. “In conjunction with the lab renovation, which turned out to be bigger than originally planned, we were also able to optimise ergonomic aspects which simply would not have been possible with the structures previously in place. In addition to modifications in the network structure which allow us to create data backups of the measured values, the fire protection requirements and the electrotechnical system were also updated to the latest standards”.

In the course of implementing DIN ISO 50001, which is set to be certified in the first quarter of 2015, it was a matter of course for the company to consider smaller energy-saving potential as well. Thus the lab was equipped with the latest LED lighting technology, which was systematically applied throughout the building as part of further renovation steps.

“We will also make further investments in the future to keep up with the continually growing demands of the market and our customers. In doing so, we will maintain and continue to expand our high quality standards. In every consideration, we will continue to keep the well-being and saftey of our employees in mind”

PolyComp GmbH

Accuracy, reliability and ergonomic operation were key features in the design of Charpy device (see foreground).

The new Arburg injection molding machine in the laboratory (see background) presents itself with more functionality and efficiency.

The increased leveling feet allow for easier cleaning.