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Guided by Innovation

Toll Compounding of Plastics

Compound Process Flexibility

Quality, Sustainability and Modern Technology

Innovation and continuous improvement are two of our guiding principals. We strive to avoid waste in all our processes by implementing efficiency improvement initiatives that benefit both PolyComp and our customers. We are passionate about sustainability and have implemented measures to lower energy consumption in our processes and facilities.

We have developed solutions that add value to our customers’ supply and production chains, and we work with suppliers and partners who share the same goals. To ensure we continually improve our methodologies and processes, PolyComp has implemented quality and energy standards and initiatives that we are committed to achieving. What is your benefit? You gain a long-term, reliable partner, with unrivalled industry expertise, who continually strives to improve quality and sustainability.

Warehousing and Logistics

To supply our production facilities and store granulates, we have nine modern raw material silos with a total capacity of approximately 600 tonnes. We also have unloading facilities for silo vehicles, containers, octabins, big bags and bags. We have installed a modern silo facility (including hybrid silos and standard silos) for the warehousing and interim storage of manufactured compounds. And our assembly line production facilities are coupled with small containers to enable immediate, flexible packaging of smaller quantities. Our seven finished product silos, comprising four hybrid (multi-pipe) silos and three standard silos, have a total capacity of approximately 400 tonnes. We have facilities available for interior and exterior warehousing which offer a capacity of about 3,500 tonnes . Our modern product management system with barcode reading ensures efficient, effective warehouse movements.

We Offer Modern Technology

We have installed state-of-the-art technology for modifying and processing a wide range of polymers. Mixing and feeding are controlled by computerised process systems, which ensure accurate dosing via continuous or batch systems. To provide the maximum process flexibility, we have installed extrusion technologies from Berstorff, Coperion Buss and FEDDEM. These high-speed lines, high-torque, single and twin-screw units ensure the optimum conditions for high- and low-temperature processing and provide the control needed for shear or temperature-sensitive materials.

By using strand cutting and underwater-pelletising systems, we can ensure a high degree of flexibility in handling, dosing and processing, which enables us to meet all our customers’ needs. Our processing expertise covers a very broad range of polymers such as PP, PE, PLA, PBAT, PHA , PA, PBT and PET. These resins can also be modified with fillers such as talc, glass reinforcement and elastomer for impact modification. Different additives and pigments can also be added to produce colored compounds.

Risk Contamination Assessment

Laboratory Services

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