Toll compounding for films and industrial coatings

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Toll compounding for film applications

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The market for specialty films and coatings comprises an extraordinarily wide range of materials and products. Each one has special properties or functions that offer added value to customers or manufacturers. Every year, the industry produces millions of tons of multi-material and multi-layer films - primarily for packaging solutions. These films protect the end product from damage and environmental influences and provide barrier properties. In combination with color, they contribute effectively to branding. The total value of the global market for industrial coatings amounts to several billion euros.

A wide range of polymer-based coatings are used in sectors such as the paper and aluminum industries. Extrusion coatings are often based on PE and PP compounds. With an extremely wide product range offering a variety of properties, PolyComp produces specifically for customers in this sector. Don't be intimidated by the sheer number of products and possibilities, but talk to us - we will support you in your search for the right film, a suitable industrial coating or in the development of customized products.

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Compounds for multilayer film material

Highly pure, efficient and extremely thin

High purity and performance are two of the most important factors that qualify a compound as a suitable film material. Applications such as steel coating, peelable coatings or the production of multilayer and standard cast films form a demanding but also growing market. One of the key challenges: Compounding different materials with simultaneous high reliability and performance for the specific requirements of the film industry. Another is the new trend towards ever thinner films. To reduce possible surface defects, they require an extremely low level of impurities and other residues. Added to this are industrial coatings that reduce heat transfer in process applications and additives such as rheology modifiers that provide an excellent balance between deflection resistance and flowability for use in building and interior design.

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