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Film and Industrial Coatings Sector

Toll Compounding Film and Industrial Coatings

Toll Compounding for Film Applications

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The speciality films and coating sector includes an extraordinarily wide range of materials and products. Each has a specific property or function that can add value to customers and manufacturers. Millions of tonnes of multi-material and multilayer films are produced annually, which are mostly consumed in the packaging sector. These films protect the end product from damage and environmental influences and offer barrier properties. In combination with color, they effectively contribute to branding. The worldwide industrial coatings market is worth billions of Euros.

Products used in this sector include a wide range of polymer-based coatings for sectors including paper and aluminium. These extrusion coatings are often based on PE, PP and compounds. PolyComp specialises in producing this extremely wide range of products with a diverse array of characteristics for customers in this sector. The extremely wide range of products and characteristics in this sector can be a little overwhelming when you are looking for solutions. Which is why you should talk to PolyComp. We can guide you in your search for the right kind of film or industrial coating and even help you design your own custom products.

Compounds for Multilayer Film Materials

High Purity, High Performance and Very, Very Thin

High purity and high performance are two of the main tasks to qualify a compound for film materials. Applications such as steel coating, peel-off layers, multilayer films or standard cast films are a challenging and growing market. Compounding various materials that are reliable and maintain high performance for the specific requirements of the film sector is one of the key challenges in manufacturing for the film industry. Another challenge is the new trend towards even thinner film: these applications require ultralow levels of impurities and other residues to reduce potential surface defects. Other trends in this sector include industrial coatings that reduce heat transfer in industrial process applications and additives such as rheology modifiers that present a breakthrough in the sag-and-flow balance for use in the building and interior decorating industry.

Quality Methodologies and Controls

Risk Contamination Assessment


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