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Compounding Thermoplastics

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The formulations we create for our customers can range from high-temperature, high-strength engineering thermoplastics to soft, flexible thermoplastic elastomers. PolyComp is the ideal partner for all your requirements. We have extensive expertise in polyolefin (PP/PE) compounding and also process EVA, PA, PBT, PC, ABS, EVOH and POM as well as other materials and can incorporate any additive.

Whether it is carbon and natural fibres, fillers and glass beads or color and flame-retardant additives, we have the know-how and expertise. Our services cover everything from prototypes and testing small-scale production up to full-scale series manufacturing. Full service also means the purchase of raw materials, warehousing and logistic support including direct deliveries to customers.

Films and Coatings

One of our key areas of expertise is the film and coating industry. Here, we provide compound plastics for use in applications such as steel coating, peel-off layers and cast films. Find out more about the plastics we produce and the specific challenges faced in this sector.

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High-Strength Engineering Plastics

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