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Toll and License Compounding of Plastics

Full-Service Contract Manufacturing

Collaboration Concept

Our full-service contract manufacturing includes that we can design your supply chain configuration optimally and efficiently according to your requirements. From the procurement of raw materials, production and quality control of plastic compounds, to warehousing and logistics support including direct shipments to your warehouse or customer.

In tolll compounding, it is important to maintain a delicate balance between various factors. On the one hand, these include more flexibility, improved asset utilisation, spreading of risks, faster access to technology and regional or global manufacturing. On the other hand, it is important to be considerate of confidential information, quality and specification standards and available capacities.

Which Concept Fits Your Needs?

We are your service provider for the smooth running of the manufacturing process. The following responsibilities remain in your hands:

  • the suitability of the compound for the intended purpose
  • providing all necessary (regulatory) documents
  • taking legal responsibility for the product

Toll and licence compounding differ in which of the two contract partners is responsible for which area:

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